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The Network Support Company has a multitude of projects and initiatives going on each month. The company has come a long way since the company was founded by Terry Lewis in 1995 and is headed in a positive upward direction. We have had tremendous growth expanding our personnel and we are always looking to improve our skills.

Network Support has spent a lot of time, effort and expense in providing education for our customers. This has come in as well as online webinars covering some of the hottest and most important subjects in the IT world.

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Software Development

Network Support has provided software development in the web and desktop environments for the past 10 years. Our web design on the other hand extands back to 1995, with our first web publication.Read more

Web Design & Hosting

Network Support provides a complete range of hosting services, including domain, www, ftp, mail, and database hosting. We also have the ability to deploy and support application and storage hosting in the cloud environment.Read more

Hardware & Software Sales

Network Support resells all the popular brands in hardware and software, including Acer, Samsung, HP, IBM, DELL, Lenovo, Microsoft, Symantec etc.Read more

Managed Services

Network Support takes pride in supporting businesses in the 5+ user group. We place a huge emphasis on the personal interaction in the workplace, supporting Microsoft, computers.Read more

Cabling & Infrastructure

Network Support has extensive experience in design and implementation of server rooms, network points and a variety of cabling solutions.Read more

WAN & VPN Configuration

From DSL connections, to routers, IP and Web Cameras, VPN between offices. Browse control and bandwidth management, Network Support does it all.Read more

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